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 Healthy Scepticism

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PostSubject: Healthy Scepticism   Mon Sep 06, 2010 12:06 pm

Healthy Scepticism

In this presentation, we will attempt to look at the general health cover up which has been in operation for about 100 years. We will touch on: Programmes and substances designed to deliberately harm health such as most or all vaccinations. AIDS and Cancer The 2009 Swine Flu Scam -- this is where I did write letters etc and get some interesting answers from the Department of Health! Cheap, effective treatments/cures for cancer Effective dietary treatment or diabetes "Energy medicine" technques such as those developed by Royal Rife Other forms of healing such as Matrix Energetics There is too much information to pack in!

Healthy Scepticism Part 2
Healthy Scepticism Part 3
Healthy Scepticism Part 4
Healthy Scepticism Part 5
Healthy Scepticism Part 6
Healthy Scepticism Part 7
Healthy Scepticism Part 8
Healthy Scepticism Part 9

Lev nu i det liv du vill ha!
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Healthy Scepticism
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