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 Mona Nilsson's Latest Book

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PostSubject: Mona Nilsson's Latest Book   Tue Dec 14, 2010 10:20 pm

Latest book 299 pages
In June 2010, published my new book mobile radio health risks - facts about today's biggest environmental and health scandal. Order the book from your Internet bookshops:

From the magazine VOF: "Decade Perhaps the most important book on health written by the Swedish environmental economist and journalist Mona Nilsson. Mobile telephony Health risks have enough explosive material to create an outcry in the media, leading to regulation of the mobile phone industry, few mobile phone companies' share prices to plummet .. .//... book is critical investigative journalism at its best. "

Gunnar Lindstedt / Tara: "Compelling and fact-packed."

January Renner Feldman, professor / TF-sheet: "Mona Nilsson has the same knowledgeable and very well-documented way wrote the book follow-up of mobile radio health ...//... Mona has done a great thing when she documented the risks and harms that people, especially children and adolescents exposed to ....//.... I wish that you not only read this overview, but also get you the book and might be just as outraged as I was. I wish that you then talk about it to your friends and I wish it could reach out to policymakers and to the authorities responsible for our health. "

Birger Schlaug / "There is a documentation of the book mobile radio health risks that make me dull, amazed and sometimes almost speechless. Mona Nilsson is an authority in itself, it seems I may ,..//.. Rachel Carson's Silent Spring in retina when I read Mona Nilsson's book ..//.. Mona Nilsson persistent work is part of the good science center. " The entire island of Gotland, 'Should be a warning of similar size "(as Rachel Carson's book Silent Spring)

The book's genesis
The book is based on years of investigation and extensive research. I have monitored the issue since 2003, when I quickly became aware of the abysmal difference that existed between research results and human experience on the one hand, and the information disseminated by the authorities, government and industry on the other.

I have interviewed researchers and experts from around the world, and officials in government agencies. I have read research reports and audited government and industry records, and analyzed statements from experts and government representatives. I have also met and spoken with many people injured by the wireless technology, some deeply tragic and heartbreaking cases. Some testimonies from people affected are in the book.

The work on the book, I have written over one hundred articles, most published in Environment magazine, but also some debate articles published in Aftonbladet and local press.

The book I have written because no one else has done it. No other journalist has critically reviewed the authorities, experts and research, despite all the apparent contradictions, twists the facts, ignoring the alarming research findings and all the tragic and consistent evidence from human reality.

Health risks of mobile radio
Ever since the 1960s, scientists have described a number of disease symptoms that are collectively called "mikrovågssyndromet" that occurs when people are exposed to microwaves for a long time.

Despite understanding the mobile industry is allowed to pollute the environment with increasing microwave in an increasing number of contexts. Today we are exposed around the clock to radiation levels that are higher than ever before in history.

More and more people from different parts of the world testify today on the symptoms described in mikrovågssyndromet and link them to the wireless technology. An increasing number of doctors and experts warn of grave consequences.

Mobile technology involves risks not only for humans but for the whole ecosystem. But the risks have been blacked out and played down by industry and authorities. This book gives you facts about the research they do not want to talk about. It also reveals the WHO, experts and authorities in collaboration with and links to the mobile industry.

From the book mobile radio health risks:
"I want the public to know that science is not conducted as described in the papers. I want the average person to understand that they are not outright accept scientists' statements, but must take them with a grain of salt, since they too often serve their own interests and mislead. On the way science is currently funded and evaluated, we are learning more and more about less and less, and science will be our enemy instead of our friend"
The late prof Robert O. Becker.

"It is important to prevent people can form their own opinion about the risks", in the EU Report EMF-NET

"We are told that we are more robust than our machines. The initial radiological protection has degenerated to the protection of commercial interests," Dr. Mark Kern and others.

"When you look at all the research is the undeniable conclusion that there will be a health crisis. Not only cancer, but also learning problems, ADHD, autism, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, as well as psychological and behavioral disorders" George Carlo, head of research for the American mobile industry in 1990 - century.

"Particularly alarming is the fact that 84% of participating yarn responded with a massive reduction in serotonin levels as a result of the increasing exposure of the newly erected mobile mast" Dr Anna Blanz et al.

The game on 3G
The game on 3G - Facts and disinformation in the wireless society (2005)
224 pages. Paperback. By Mona Nilsson and Marica Lindblad.

In the game of 3G presents Mona Nilsson and Marica Lindblad parts of the research that shows that radiation from mobile phones can lead to serious consequences for human health. They also examines the authorities' actions, and find hidden links and an outrageous indulgence against a powerful industry. A picture of authoritarianism emerges which manifests itself in an indifference to the victims and a poker game with our health.

If the game is about 3G in the media:
Culture News, Radio Sweden: "The book provides a wide range of both scary and comical example of how effective disinformation industry has become, so the question is if it has not gone for our usual media journalistic capacity."

Dr. Rants Colas, Aftonbladet: "Fortunately, the book has so far silenced by the responsible media of the authors' plea would reach out to the people there would be rebellion."

Mrs Sarah Hammer, the Labyrinth: "The book is in all respects to much-needed wake-up call". Score: 10/10.

Franz Baumann, Gotland Newspapers: "The book presents all the heavy research trying to spirit away before our eyes."

Peter Wahlbeck, Aftonbladet: "After my show at Mosebacke in November, a man came up and gave me a book that he said would change my view of Sweden. He was right. The book is called The Game of 3G."

Price: SEK 150 plus shipping.

Lev nu i det liv du vill ha!
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Mona Nilsson's Latest Book
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