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 Curing back pain from the root cause

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PostSubject: Curing back pain from the root cause    Tue Apr 22, 2014 5:33 am

It is very common to have stiffness when you bend or when you lift heavy weights especially in women and people often tends to ignore the sensation unless it disturbs your daily activities.  Ayurvedic treatment for back pain aims atr finding the root cause of the pain and a complete study will be done to analyze se the reason behind the pain. In Ayurveda, the age of the patient, weight, diet, sex are all taken into consideration when a treatment regimen is decided for the patient and mode of treatment and medicinal ingredients all vary according to their body chemistry. Sometimes when the pain is of sudden onset some take over the counter drugs and they are effective for immediate relief but it is always beat to treat the pain as it can always return the next time. When medicated oils are applied and internal ayurvedic medicines are consumed the pain is treated both internally as well as externally and tis will ensure the patient that it will never return. One main issue to keep in mind while panchakarma mode of treatment is adopted is that the patient must have food that are not too spicy or salty and in limited quantities too. To eliminate the unwanted toxins medicated enema will be given and as purgation also play a role in digestion and toxin accumulated irregularities are first corrected when the treatment is started. Often the pain subsides within a short span of time unless the cause of pain is due to an underlying condition.
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Curing back pain from the root cause
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