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 Ingis World of Families

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PostSubject: Ingis World of Families    Sun May 17, 2015 4:03 pm

Earlier I shared on this forum my webpage about my home Lyckebo and spoke there about my webgroup Magnolia Lane and how I first started it as a group for my family. Here I will go on to show another of my webpages and a few gifts I have made for that page. Just like my group was first created for my blood family, I created this page for them all. I had an older page about my family with photos of both my family of origin and my own new family. On this newer page I only focus on my present family - Ingis World of Families. The webgroup I first created in 2003 and called Family Webnet, but like I talk about in my previous post about my webpages nobody in my family wanted to join the group. Inspite of that I've gotten feedback from my godmother that my family of origin concider me the one ignoring this family and only focusing on my children, which they all according to my godmother, think is wrong of me. I am the one ignoring them, and still no-one of them wanted to join my webgroup Family Webnet?

Also I helped my oldest brother to try and invite family on fathers side to his mailinglist, with no success. It's my family of origin who've been shunning me for years, who do not want to be part of anything I put forward to them. I got a few weird excuses "why" they could not join. All proven false and lies, as what they used as excuses they later on did without problem when Facebook turned up. They suddenly could share much more info then I ever asked for. Suddenly they are sharing their whole names, birthdays, photos of their children and suddenly they had all the time in the world to spend on Facebook. All excuses they used to why they could not join my very private group. After I was brushed off by my entire family of origin and extended family I eventually changed the name of the group to Magnolia Lane and invited "friends" to the group from the internet. I met a nice woman who wanted to help me as she had a very successful group herself.

Lev nu i det liv du vill ha!
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Ingis World of Families
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