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 Ingis World of Zakarias

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PostSubject: Ingis World of Zakarias    Sun May 17, 2015 4:17 pm

This is my fourth site under my Green World of family and homelife. I've made this one to the oldest of the brothers Zak (he likes to be spelled Zakk, but I say that I've always spelled it Zak, as that's how his real name is spelled). Like you can see on the forum I've written three other posts about my World, starting with my home Lyckebo, which lays on a farm on the countryside with farmhouses and farmland all around. There are cows, sheep and lots of wild animals too. The second one was about my Family and the third about Zak's older sister Magda and her little son Vincent. But this site is about my oldest son and also alot about my own thoughts about matters. Whenever I write things I like to be able to write as honest and open as I like, but as I've been warned by a well viced smearer it's illadviced to tell about your own life as bad people will take whatever they can find and use it to harm you. In my experience from my personal smearers they like to use my son Zak and to that I'm not too surpriced as this attack begun really early on. He's a very positive and intense person, who likes to joke and easily get friends, but somehow spiteful bitches like to attack him and smear him. Like I've said it started very early in his life, that I noticed this. In my opinion it's cause he sees straight through their bullshit and fake liars with selfissues can't take that.

So quite early as a daycare child he noticed the caretaker was smelling of alcohol. And of course he told me about it, little as he was. He was only three at the time, but he said she was mean and that he didn't like her. She smelled weird too. His granny helped me to in-school him and she confirmed that the carer indeed smelled of alcohol. As she was the woman's neighbour she also knew she was drinking and not in any way a non-drinker, so no wonder, but you are not allowed to drink when working with children. My oldest daughter was there after school and saw the woman go to the kitchen and take out a bottle of booze and take a drink. So Zak was not the only one seeing she was not suitable to take care of my little boys. The youngest one refused to go there, but he was only one and could not speak up, so he just screamed and showed he was afraid of her. I will write about this brother in another blog, as he too has a site from me. This site of Zak's I have called Ingis World of Zakarias and you can go there and see how I have pictured that one. There are some very old and few graphics he did as a child that I have posted, but there are not much as he never was sharing alot with me of that stuff, like his older sister did.

Lev nu i det liv du vill ha!
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Ingis World of Zakarias
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