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 Ingis World of Jeremias

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PostSubject: Ingis World of Jeremias    Sun May 17, 2015 4:29 pm

Of my green sites this is the fifth, made about my third child, my second son. Like his brother and sisters he loves cats and animals and has always been very good at taking care of them, making sure the cats gets to eat and feeling very much for them. On this site is some of his own graphics he did when he was much smaller, but most of what's here I've made as it's really my site and you should not look at it and think this is my son's, but it's my site to honor him, just like all my sites for my children are. You can go and look at it here - Ingis World of Jeremias. The oldest graphic on my gift page there is the one above, and when I made that it reminded me of my two youngest children out in the garden with me and the cat beside the boy looks just like the old homeless cat that came to us and slowly were tamed. I think we first spotted him back in 2005 and in 2007 he accidentally mated with one of our female cats, the black smoke longhaired one. Actually he did it twice, as he made one kitty in 2006 too, but it died at birth. In 2007 all four kitties survived and Jer kept one for himself, that was looking very much like his father.

In May 2010 the kitty disappeared without no trace, but we are pretty sure what happened to him, which is very sad. This winter the homeless cat died of old age in our basement. He started to get tame after the harsh winter of 2009/2010 when it was so very cold and he refused to get indoors. Ever since then he changed his mind and started to let you pet him and stroke him. It didn't take long till he was almost as tame as the rest and a few years later he even wanted to come into the hall and this winter he accepted to go in and catch a mice that bothered us. But shortly after that he fell ill, lost weight very hastily and then died. He must have been very old, though it's hard to know. He did look quite old already back in 2005, so that's my guess. Two of his children still lives with us, a tabby girl and a longhaired boy, and his grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Jer's present cat is one of his many descendants, a black longhaired male. We'd hope the tabby girl, his mother, would have another shorthaired tabby, but all she got was longhaired ones, blacks and one white. Apart from the new kitty not being all too homebroken he seems to behave in his master's room. He's mostly naughty on all other places.

Lev nu i det liv du vill ha!
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Ingis World of Jeremias
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