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 Ingis World of Pets

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PostSubject: Ingis World of Pets    Sun May 17, 2015 4:53 pm

Lets talk about pets now as this is a post about my final eighth site in my Green World. It's a perfect time to bring this up as alot have happened concering pets today and there are so much issues with pets that has been life changing for me. On this site I have a few memorial pages about a few of all the pets I've had, but there were so many at the end that I stopped making those pages. At one point I counted to 60 animals, if I also added the chickens and the mice. They were more pets those chickens then farm animals, and the mice I counted were not the wild ones, but those in cages. We had also tons of rabbits and quite a herd of ginny pigs. Today we have only cats and a very old dog. You can go and look at the site here - Ingis World of Pets. Most of my experiences with pets are very loving and wonderful, and even scary events, like being seriously bit, are not anything that truly traumatic to me. Being bit is just something that happens now and then as pets, just like humans, might be feeling bad, having episodes when their hormones are out of balance and other factors might also play in. In most cases it's actually their humans that have done something wrong, that causes them to bite someone.

What has been traumatic to me, concerning pets, are actually humans. It's the cruelty of humans and their ill intent of harming or killing pets just to cause pain and suffering to other humans. That is the most stunning of behavior as to me it's pure evil. The more stunning to me is it that so many blame not the one actually doing the harming or killing, but the person that this cruelty affects, like it's the person being hurt that is to blame for the ill treatment of the pets. That is the most ridiculous and insane conclusion, that I've noticed so many people do. That the animal would not had been harmed or even killed, unless the person caring about this would not had cared so much, so hence it's this person's fault the animal was hurt by the animal abuser! How crazy can you get to even come up with such exuses. The worst thing, and most traumatic of all of this, is that you end up as the guilty one for caring for the animal and trying to protect it. The reasoning here is that if you'd not tried to stop the harm to come to the pet, there would had not been any harm to it. It's crazy as that is not true. Someone trying to hurt an animal and being stopped, will not not harm the animal if you neglect to stop them. Then they surely will harm it.

Lev nu i det liv du vill ha!
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Ingis World of Pets
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