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 Threats Against MY Free Speech

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PostSubject: Threats Against MY Free Speech   Sun May 17, 2015 9:27 pm

(Extract from a blog I made that day - Vetteljus Blog)
Today my new lawyer recieved the answer to our very generous offer to buy our siblings out so they can go on and party, travel and do what the heck they fancy, and do you know what their demand was? To silence my right to free speech.

They both accused me of doing what they’ve been doing, atleast for two years, but I bet for as long as they have lived. Then they demanded all my work on the internet deleted. Otherwise they’d not accept my very generous offer. Well, then. Don’t. I don’t care. I rather sell everything and forget I ever knew such evil liars ever. They’ve caused me and my family unnecessary suffering by their made up stories. Liars know that people don’t care for proof, so they just lie and lie and lie. After awhile they get so good at it that they can lie their husband or wife straight in their face without them getting they are being lied to. Trust me, I’ve been lied to by people I thought cared for me from my FOO enough times to know that is so.

The most stupid mistake you can do is to believe that other people are as good as you are, when you are a good person. Never make that mistake. Listen carefully, watch what people do, not only on their fancy words. Words come cheap. Always only trust what can be proven, never repeat hearsay like some gossiping old hag. That’s the biggest mistake people do today – they trust in only fancy words and good acting, instead of proof you show them. They disregard the proof as ”smear” and the words as the words of a poor victim. Totally insane, if you ask me, as liars tend to lean soley on fancy words, while true victims have loads of hate mails and also testimonies from people that actually have more physical proof in some cases. In many cases all you have is people that can vouch that they’ve been contacted by the liars, and told nasty things about the true victim of the real smear campaign.

I post this now here to show that I will NOT be silenced. Not on my websites. Not on my blogs. And not on my forums either. I will not be silenced on YouTube or on Google+ or on Twitter. I will not be silenced anywhere I choose to share my inside knowledge of pathological and entitled BULLIES. They are a plague on this Earth and we need to see them, know them and then AVOID them. We must stop doing their bidding, treating them as our bosses. They will otherwise just keep treating us like their underlings, and slaves. What do you do with a slave that runs away? Yepp, that's what these people do if YOU try to run away, and you must stand up and say NO MORE to them. The life as a slave is NO LIFE!

Lev nu i det liv du vill ha!
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Threats Against MY Free Speech
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